Battery Terminal Service Pliers

Recently, the Battery Terminal Service Pliers industry has set off a "private order" boom. China'sBattery Terminal Service Pliers market, the sound of all, the new roaring, the escalation of services, cable enterprises set off a wire and cable market situation of "private order."
Earlier this year, Tylon to "private order" gorgeous new service upgrades, currently available for different customer needs, design "customized" program.
To meet customer needs is a necessary condition for the survival of enterprises, Tylon in accordance with the needs of users to constantly adjust the strategic direction. In the same technical standards, product quality and other basic constraints, the domestic cable enterprises in the competition are in line with national strategy, close to the user needs, in line with the use of habits, cost-effective, timely and thoughtful service, more competitive environment needs.
According to the development strategy requirements, Tylon product structure adjustment, to adapt to market demand. In order to meet its demand for thin-walled sheathed power flexible cable, Tylon technical service team of experts developed the rated voltage of 0.6 / 1 kV thin-walled jacket soft power cable to solve five major problems: First, to solve the cable softness, Conductor; the second is to solve the wire into the bundle, the use of wire plus jacket; third is to solve the cable sheath easy to peel, thinning jacket thickness, additional sheath rip rope; four is to solve the low smoke halogen flame retardant, Radiation insulation, etc. .; Fifth, the product can increase cable installation efficiency for users 60%.
As a Battery Terminal Service Pliers company itself, we must fundamentally change the concept of development, give full play to the special role of scientific and technological talents, and accelerate the development of high-end products with core competitiveness, eliminating the homogenization of low-level competition. In particular, the industry backbone enterprises, but also to take up the corporate responsibility, industry responsibility and social responsibility.
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