Advantage of Battery Terminal Service Pliers

Talking about the main advantages of winning, Tylon that should be attributed to the company's "custom" approach. Compared to other domestic cable companies, Tylon launched its own products, will also be based on customer demand for "customized" products. This problem has not been effectively improved for a long time due to the high frequency of existing cable accidents caused by brutal construction in some places. In view of this situation, Tylon developed a special "rated voltage of 35 kV and below non-metallic armored medium voltage cable.It is reported that in the long-distance single-phase power transmission needs and the needs of the armored chemical corrosion environment Power transmission and distribution of several occasions, which can use the product.
In fact, through the new technology and new product development and application, Tylon successfully maintained the company's product technology and quality control in the international and domestic leading position, leading the domestic Battery Terminal Service Pliers industry product development direction. Since its inception, Tylon, as always, concerned about the forefront of international wire and cable technology, to capture the latest technology developments, carry out related research work, and timely application of mature technology to the latest development of products.
In addition, Tylon actively with the company to carry out joint research projects, as well as the development of new materials products, and the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute actively cooperate with the relevant samples to carry out research-related experiments, to participate in the discussion and research. In the research project discussion process, Tylon based on specific circumstances, put forward a number of constructive point of view, final product development has played an important role in shaping.
Tylon has been able to get so many orders the company, and Tylon's service is inseparable. Over the years, Tylon's products have been highly recognized by the leadership of the company, product quality, technical level, service levels are indispensable.
Some experts believe that the Battery Terminal Service Pliers industry in the current increasingly competitive environment, the cable companies to expand market share, we must take the differentiation of competitive routes. To meet the needs of users, cable companies need to provide users with "private order" R & D strength, and constantly introduce new products to meet market demand. Therefore, the domestic cable companies to continue to increase investment in research and development to produce qualified products meet the needs of users, to do a good job of product-related technical reserves.
Battery Terminal Service Pliers industry "customized" service to fill the public cable products in the "custom" field blank to meet the user's unconventional needs in the future of the cable market is bound to be more widely used, the Chinese cable industry comprehensive Into the "private order" era.
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