Pipeline Items supplies a array of service's if this arrives to your shell cutters. Not Necessarily simply do we manufacture new cutters but we in addition re sharpen them as well. Usually re sharpening consists of charting of each cutter pertaining to recored trying to always be able to keep too as traceability. We provide a number of forms of teeth including M-48 device steel, C-2 carbide which in turn would always be the sector normal or any special material when requested. Damaged teeth pockets are usually repaired also (welded as well as machined) plus many cases we tend to be in the position to straighten out warped back again together with throughout tolerance. Liability, these days Hot Tapping is pushing the actual extreme limits, larger sizes, higher pressures,higher temperatures, exotic metals and also sub sea taps approximately 250 ft plus. both machines and also tooling tend pipeline products to be reaching new limits, with this at heart companies can't run the particular danger of a tooth separating from your cutter. This is why Pipeline products has gone for the intense to maintain up using the latest technology. We use state with the art welding (silver soldering) when mounting your teeth for the cutter shell. Our welding can be Laboratory Tested!! the weld is just nearly as good since the tooth pocket. We won't silver solder a new tooth in in order to a damaged pocket, just another step we took throughout assuring you the actual consumer in which we're giving you the best quality function we offer.