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the state in capitalist society ralph miliband pdf download


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The State In Capitalist Society Ralph Miliband Pdf Download



[34] Marx does not suggest that this fundamentally affects the states class character and its role of guardian and defender of the interests of property; but it obviously does introduce an element of flexibility in his view of the operation of the states bias, not least because the competition between different factions of the ruling class may well make easier the passage of measures favourable to labour, such as the Ten Hours Bill. 67. [80]. The reason for this would seem fairly obvious, namely that, for Marx, the dictatorship of the proletariat would be the outcome of a socialist revolution on a national scale; the Commune, as he wrote in 1881, was merely the rising of a city under exceptional conditions, while the majority of the Commune was in no wise socialist, nor could it be. ibid., p.101. Engelss phrase does not bear this interpretation; and whatever may be said for the view that the democratic republic is the nearest approach to the dictatorship of the proletariat, it is not so in Marx. Unfortunately, Marx did not define in any specific way what the dictatorship of the proletariat actually entailed, and more particularly what was its relation to the state. 55. This is not because these theories bear no relation to Marxs views but rather that they emphasize some aspects of his thought to the detriment of others, and thus distort by over-simplification an extremely complex and by no means unambiguous body of ideas; and also that they altogether ignore certain strands in Marxs thought which are of considerable interest and importance. Antonys Papers, no.14, Far Eastern Affairs (London, 1963). cit., p.381.


An element of confusion arises from the fact that Marx bitterly denounced the class character of the democratic republic, yet supported its coming into being. The burden of Marxs critique of Hegels concept of the state is that Hegel, while rightly acknowledging the separation of civil society from the state, asserts their reconciliation in the state itself. Draper, Marx and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, in New Politics, vol.I, no.4, p.102. 79. Also K. Note also, e.g. It is not a statement about the forms of the government machinery. SW, I, p.300. [1] But of this scheme, only one part of Capital was in fact completed. 17.

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