How to Cook Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers are fairly easy to grow. Early spring is an ideal time to plant, in order to optimize the best height and growth. It is important to wait until the last frost before planting your seeds. This will protect any new seedlings. You can choose either perennials, which grow about two feet tall, or annuals, which will grow up to eight feet tall if not more. The maximum height depends a lot on the weather and how well you care for it.

Choose a spot in your garden, where your flowers will get plenty of sun.

They do best with at least six hours of sun. Shade is not important, therefore you can leave them in a spot where they get continual sun without harming them.

They also need lots of water, especially early on in the growing season.

The flowers should be planted at a very specific distance from one another, which depends on what kind of sunflower you buy. Therefore, read your individual seed packets.

It is ideal to have well fertilized soil, so composting or fertilizing is a great idea.

You will plant your seeds at least two inches into the soil. Having the soil well-tilled is important to help roots grow deep.