How To Use A Glue Puller Or Dent Puller

Paintless dent repair (PDR) technicians all over the world are increasingly relying on a new type of repair process to fix the dings and dents on your car. They are using something called the dent puller, or glue pulling. Here is the kicker. The glue puller or dent puller techniques they use to repair your car are SIMPLE to learn. Learning PDR is not easy, but learning to glue pull is.

Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Inventory your kit:

Glue and glue gun.(Plug in glue gun now.)

Dent puller. (aka: PDR slide hammer)

Knock down.

Glue tabs.


Soft rags.

Step 2: Identify the damage.

Step 3: Wipe damaged area with soft rag and solvent.

Step 4: Find tab that just fits inside the damaged area.

Step 5: Apply glue to tab surface and apply to dent.

Step 6: Allow for short cool down time. (About 25-45 seconds)

Step 7: Attach dent puller and pull the dent.

Step 8: Use solvent to clean off remaining glue from both panel and tab.

Step 9: Using hammer and knock down, tap down anything that looks high.

Step 10: Repeat process until desired results are met.

You can find the high and low areas of the damage by using florescent light bulbs shining across the damage. The reflection of the bulb will bend when it crosses the dented area.

When you tap down anything that is high, be patient. Tap lightly but consistently on the high areas but not too hard at first.

Hopefully, this will help you paintlessdentrepairfortworth use any dent pulling system or kit, like the "Pops a dent" or "Twist a dent" or any other that may be out there.

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Duane Langenfeld is a PDR tech of 15 years. He has repaired over 20k vehicles since his start and loves training new techs.

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