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Contents 1 The legends 2 The role of the legend in Republic 3 Cultural influences 4 See also 5 References 6 External links . JSTOR288700. Glaucon suggests that morality is only a social construction, the source of which is the desire to maintain one's reputation for virtue and justice. Although there is speculation[6] that Tolkien was influenced by Plato's story, a search on "Gyges" and "Plato" in his letters and biography provides no evidence for this. ^ Holt, Philip (July 1992). The role of the legend in Republic[edit]. The legends[edit]. He then arranged to be chosen as one of the messengers who reported to the king as to the status of the flocks. Various ancient worksthe most well-known being The Histories of Herodotus[2]gave different accounts of the circumstances of his rise to power.[3] All, however, agree in asserting that he was originally a subordinate of King Candaules of Lydia, that he killed Candaules and seized the throne, and that he had either seduced Candaules' Queen before killing him, married her afterwards, or both. "H.G.

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