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Angola Ghana Niger Algeria Guinea Nigeria Benin Guinea Bisau Republic of Comores Botswana Kenya Republic of Mayotte Burkina Faso Lesotho Senegal Cameroon Liberia Seychelles Islands Congo Libya Sierra Leone Cote d'Ivoire Madagascar Rep. 4 Cat Lift Trucks.Your partner in materials handling.Since the 1960s we have been producing lift trucksdesigned to last and built to perform in some of thetoughest environments in the world.Today those brand values of ruggedness, durabilityand. 1 DP60 - DP70SpecicationsEngine powered lift trucks6.0 - 7.0 tonnes P. 2 The best truckfor every job.Cat Lift Trucks is one of the leading manufacturers ofvehicles for materials handling, including a variety ofengine powered lift trucks covering every application even in the harshest environments. P. 5 DP80NMast Typeh6mmhimmh6mmTiltAngleh6/h6mmQc = 600mmkgSimplex30002775432515-12160800033002925462515-12160800035003025482515-12160800037003125502515-12160800040003275532515-12160800045003525582515-12160800050003875632515-1216080005500412568256-616078006000437573256-616076007000487583256-61605800 DP90NMast. P. P. IC 1.5-5.5 tonnes Trucks 9Pages Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue "IC 1.5-5.5 tonnes Trucks" P. P. 3 Cat Lift Trucks. Electric powered lift trucks EP13-20(P)NT 6Pages Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue "Electric powered lift trucks EP13-20(P)NT" P. 3 FEATURES THAT BENEFITYOUR BUSINESSYoull appreciate the advancedclean green AC power, giving yougreater performance, longer shiftcycles and simpler maintenance;particularly in heavier applicationsand demanding conditions.CONTENTS PAGEKEEPING YOUR. 1 NTR30NSpecifications3.Tow truck3.0 tonnesCAT1*1Trucks P. P. P.


4 DP60-70RUGGEDDEPENDABILITYFUEL EFFICIENT POWERThe powerful 6 cylinder S6S-T diesel engine atthe heart of these trucks, is designed to thehighest standards. P. Products Catalogues Projects News & Trends Exhibitions All Cat Lift Trucks catalogues and technical brochures Corporate brochure 16Pages Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue "Corporate brochure" P. 2 DURABLE,ADAPTABLE ANDBUILT TO PERFORMCat Lift Trucks offers one of the mostdependable and complete electric lift truckranges in the industry.Whatever your shift pattern, application typeor usage we have the right materials handlingsolution for your. P. 2 ADD VERSATILITYTO YOURWAREHOUSEIf smooth and efficient horizontal transportis an important element of your warehouse handlingoperations, this range of Cat power pallet trucksis for you.Built around powerful, programmable AC motors,these trucks offer. 3 MaJOR beNeFItS FORYOUR OpeRatIONthe Cat range of stacker trucks includepedestrian, platform, stand-on and siton models designed for stackingpallets up to 6.5 meters and forhorizontal transport over both shortand long distances.theyre available. 2 Pharaptpri^tipQwllal CILr ICI lOlllfO1 mI .U Ift/IQni ifQpti iror I Qnnro/iatinn 1IVIdllUldbLUIcl dUUIcVldUUII/Pat I ift Tri. P. P. 2 CharacteristicsManufacturer (abbreviation)Manufacturers model designationPower source: (battery, diesel, LP gas, petrol)Operator type: pedestrian, (operator)-standing, -seatedLoad capacityLoad centre distanceLoad wheel axle to fork face (forks.

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