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WILLIAM PERRY ISN'T EXACTLY A tea-and-crumpets kind of guy. At 6'2" and a doughy 350 lbs., he's more of a T-bone-and-crullers type. Nevertheless, the former Chicago Bears football star, indelibly nicknamed the Fridge, has found a new home in England, where he now plays defensive end for the London Monarchs, one of six teams currently battling in the World League of American Football.

"It hasn't been that big of an adjustment," says the South Carolina native of his new surroundings. "You just have to look the Moncler Jackets Sale opposite way when crossing the road so you don't get run over." Getting trampled by fans is a more likely predicament for Perry, 33, a popular fixture on British talk shows and commercials whose one-year contract with the Monarchs has boosted attendance 80 percent and re-ignited the Fridge-mania that began in 1986 when the Bears played an exhibition game in London.

After 10 NFL seasons and one Super Bowl victory in 1986, Perry retired in 1995 to spend more time with his wife, Sherry, and their children, Latavia, 13, Norie, 10, and William, 3. "Everything was achy," says Perry, who has more of everything than most people. "I thought I'd sit down for a while." He fished for bass and worked around his 18,000-square-foot home in Aiken, S.C., until a former coach lured him to London. "I wanted my little boy to see me play," explains the doting dad, who earns only $1,300 per game plus promotional fees, a fraction of the $450,000 per season he made during his NFL heyday.

Not that less pay means he plays any softer. "I can still get the job done," he says. "But I'm not as fast as I used to be." Nor as well-fed. "Back home you eat what you want, but here you eat what they have," says Perry, who lives with Sherry and William in a Kent hotel (the other kids are at home with their grandparents). Often he balks at foreign fare like bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potatoes), and makes do with turkey sandwiches. "As long as I'm here," sighs Perry, "I'm gonna lose weight."