trimethoxy Pentane suppliers have broad development prospects

trimethoxy Pentane suppliers increases the operating rate of chemical fertilizer and pesticide companies and brings the developing opportunities for pesticide intermediates of Chinese fine chemicals.
China is the world's major trimethoxy Pentane suppliers and producer of pesticide intermediates. It has bright prospects. Among them, 1, 2, 4 - trichlorobenzene, o-cresol, catechol, phenol is the most important pesticide intermediates. 1,2,4 - trichlorobenzene Dicamba is mainly used in pesticides, mites sulfone, sodium pentachlorophenol, PCP and other synthesis; o-cresol is mainly used for efficient synthesis of herbicides; catechol is important The low toxicity and efficient new carbamate pesticide carbofuran, propoxur, diethofencarb intermediates.Nonylphenol is a multi-purpose non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers widely used in pesticides; m-cresol is mainly used on synthetic pesticides.
In recent years, due to the gradual strengthening of its international development and application of downstream products on the market of high purity 1, 2, and 4 - trichlorobenzene demand. In addition, due to prohibitions and restrictions on the use of lindane in foreign countries and regions, the traditional trichlorobenzene dwindling raw materials, organic chlorine production has gradually decreased, but also led to the current global trichlorobenzene, especially high-purity 1 , 2,4 - trichlorobenzene supply. These factors gave the Chinese 1, 2, 4 - trichlorobenzene, the development of production provides a good opportunity.
Catechol production by the new carbamate insecticides such as carbofuran, propoxur, Diethofencarb, etc., due to low toxicity, effective, recommended by the World Health Organization for the storage of household pests and pest control agents in varieties, market demand will also gradually increase.
Alkylphenol nonylphenol is the biggest product, with good detergency, wetting and penetration, dispersion, solubilization of emulsion and other functions, is widely used in pesticides, emulsifiers, petroleum chemical industry and organic synthesis industries most important intermediates. The market demand for m-cresol, the growth rate remained at an average of 8% to 10% level, the pace of development and stability.
In addition, the fine chemical functional, high performance, special flowers, the advantages of high added value is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly technology, is to achieve emission reduction targets, the main path to a low carbon economy, countries Government greatly increased its emphasis. Pesticide intermediates, fine chemical industry is also very beneficial.
Therefore, China's trimethoxy Pentane suppliers, pesticide intermediates, Triphenyl Bismuth an increase in demand by the market and the government to encourage the development of the dual benefit under the influence of a very good development prospects.
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