Verifying and Validating HACCP Plans


Ensuring that food safety guidelines are executed effectively a series of activities used to confirm that the plan is working how it should need to be conducted. After initially establishing a food safety plan this is followed by monitoring, verification and validation activities to keep it alive.

This series of activities is applicable to Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) and to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plans (HACCP). The difference between FSMS and HACCP systems is that the first generally uses Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) or Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) checklists as the base of basic practices and is complemented with a HACCP plan to address the issues that are particular to the food processing plant or farming operation.

The objective of this webinar is to review verification and validation techniques applied to HACCP standards. Focus will be placed on gathering and processing information and validating that the information is useful for food safety.

Why Should You Attend

This webinar will help you to advance your knowledge about monitoring, verification and validation activities applied to HACCP system. By having access to a wider variety of options you should be able to better compare the effectiveness of the monitoring techniques you are currently using in your HACCP plan.

Areas Covered in the Session

Monitoring techniques

Verification techniques

Validation techniques

Laboratory analytical methods and HACCP plans

Learning Objectives

After attending this webinar the attendee should be able to select more effective monitoring, verification and validation techniques.

Who Will Benefit

Food safety managers

Food safety supervisors


New product developers