Why do the S&A chiller recommend antifreeze instead of alcohol

During the training of northern customers about the after-sales technical service of water chiller, S&A has found a universal phenomenon when we’re chatting with the customers: In winter, in order to prevent the cooling water in the chiller from being frozen, most of the customers will add alcohol into the water chiller to prevent the freezing.

In general case, S&A does not suggest customers adding alcohol in the water chiller. Instead, we’d like to recommend the customers to use antifreeze. Then what’s the difference between alcohol and antifreeze?  

With the ingredient of ethanol, alcohol volatilizes quickly, which would lead to a decrease in  anti-freezing capability. Moreover, as an inflammable and plosive substance, alcohol has stronger corrosivity than antifreeze. Actually with the ingredient of ethanediol, antifreeze has the characteristics of high boiling point and low freezing point, which leads to low volatility.  

During the selection of antifreeze, try to choose those big brands, which are always better and safer. It would be more proper to control the anti-freezing temperature within a range from -20℃ to 0℃. We don’t suggest those brands, whose anti-freezing temperature is between -40℃ and -20℃. This is because that the stronger the temperature is, the higher the corrosive property will be, which would lead to a larger damage to water chiller. Then please make the dilution according to the instruction for the use of antifreeze, when the customer would like to add the antifreeze.  

If the customer still has any problem, please consult the after-sales department of S&A Chiller.   

Thank you so much for your support and trust in S&A. All of theS&A water chillers have passed the ISO, CE, RoHS and REACH certification with the warranty period having been extended to 2 years.





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