Increase Your Knowledge on Novel Design Home Lift

There are two types of Novel Design Home Lift available in the market today. These are the straight stair lift and curved stair lift. In choosing the best stair lift, you have to consider few factors.
You need to determine the type of stairway that you have at home. If it is a straight, then you will need the straight stair lift. This is the cheapest type because it is a straight run.
If your stairway has curves, twists or landings in between, you will need the curved stair lift. Usually, curved stair lifts have to be custom made and is very expensive. If your stairway has two straight runs with a landing in between, you can opt for two straight stair lifts, which can be can cost less compared to a curved stair lift.
The nature of your condition or the patient’s is also a consideration. You have to know whether the condition is permanent or temporary. If the injury is temporary, which could last more or less for a year, it may be practical to rent handicap lifts. If this is the case, you can rent a straight stair lift because a curved stair lift is hard to rent.
If the disability is permanent, it is practical to buy the stairway chair lift. To have more savings, you can choose a used stair lift. Renting mobility lifts for permanent usage can be highly expensive. When you calculate the expenses for several years, the accumulated amount could be more than the outright purchasing value of one of the branded stair lifts.
Your budget is another consideration. Consider the money you can spend to rent, buy a brand new stair lift, or buy a used stair lift. If you choose to buy brand new, it can cost from $2,000 to as high as $10,000 depending on the type and the brand.
For a straight stairway, the Novel Design Home Lift is an excellent type of stair lift that is powered by a battery. Its features include safety sensors to stop the chair when hitting an obstacle, fold up seat, flip up foot rest, swivel seat and directional paddle switches operated by light touch.
The Summit stair lifts are designed to be affordable and easy to install. It is powered by electricity. Its features are similar to Novel Design Home Lift. The difference is in the controls—summit’s controls are not ideal for the disabled. It also does not come with safety belts.
If you need curved stair lifts, then you need a Novel Design Home Lift. It is battery-powered and comes with retractable safety belt, optional wrap-around parking. It can also carry a maximum weight of 350 pounds.
Relative to the brand of Novel Design Home Lift, there are manufacturers that offer several options to each stair lift. This includes a permanent versus swivel seat Free Web Content, your choice of colors and the manner of installation. These elements may affect the price of stair lifts.
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