The invention and application of cemented carbide Axle Sleeve material

Carbide Axle Sleeve material invention and application of modern materials, the history of the era of change, known as the "industrial teeth", fully reflects the ability of human transformation of nature with tools to enhance the material and improve.
Carbide Axle Sleeve tool as a cutting tool, widely used in all aspects of modern manufacturing, with its excellent performance is to guide the high-quality metal cutting market development. China's consumption of cutting tools, about 69% of high-speed steel cutting tools, carbide cutting tools accounted for only about 28% (the rest for the tool system, diamond and cubic boron nitride cutting tools, etc.). Even with the import of tools, cutting tool consumption in China, about 53% for high-speed steel cutting tools, and carbide cutting tools for 45%, while the diamond and cubic boron nitride tool only 2%. The proportion of the world's cutting tool consumption is probably: high-speed steel cutting tools accounted for 35%, 10% of diamond and cubic boron nitride cutting tools, while the welding carbide cutting tools, solid carbide and carbide can be indexed the rest section.
This shows that the tool cutting market in China's tool consumption structure can not reach the world average. We can see China as the world's largest metal cutting market its overall level is not enough to carbide-based high-end tool is not enough developed. This is for the production of Carbide Axle Sleeve is a big country vigilance!
The overall low level of processing and our rising labor costs and the appreciation of the renminbi have hidden the risks of making our Chinese manufacturing less competitive. Economists and entrepreneurs in some countries, including the United States, are considering Will have moved some of the manufacturing enterprises in Asia moved back to their home. To enable us to continue to attract global enterprises to land manufacturing in China, we need to improve our competitiveness, including, of course, improve the manufacturing level. But also in line with the CPC Central Committee on our "second Five-Year" period to change the mode of development requirements, that is, from the number of low-value, high consumption of manufacturing, to the heavy level, high value-added, green manufacturing.
Metal cutting tool market after the development direction must be high value-added, high-performance carbide cutting tools and other super-hard tools to become mainstream, traditional materials such as high-speed steel cutting tool excess production, lack of performance and other factors constraining the development of China's cutting tool important bottlenecks .
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