air pressure hopper feeder overseas market position

In fact, the technical content of the plate air pressure hopper feeder is not high, the general feeding equipment manufacturing enterprises are able to produce, but the production of plate feeder is very difficult to open foreign markets. The reason is that many manufacturers of plate feeding machine work are not enough fine, and some welding place or even virtual welding, but the quality off.
air pressure hopper feeder Installation and maintenance
A, air pressure hopper feeder, such as for the ingredients, dosing, in order to ensure uniform and stable feeding to prevent the material should be installed horizontal gravity, such as the general material for continuous feeding, can be tilted 10 ° installation. For viscous materials and materials with high water content can be tilted 15 ° installation.
B, after the installation of the feeder should leave 20mm swimming gap, the horizontal should be horizontal, suspension device using flexible connections.
C, before the empty test, all bolts should be strong once, especially vibration of the electromagnetic anchor bolts, continuous operation of 3-5 hours, should be re-fastened once.
D, test, the two vibration motor must be rotating.
E, air pressure hopper feeder the operation process should always check the amplitude, current and noise stability, abnormalities should be promptly stop processing.
F, magnetic bearings every 2 months to add a lubricant, high temperature season should be a month to add a lubricating oil.
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