Understand the fiber opening machine

Fiber opening machine is the process of compacting and entangling the entangled fiber material with impurities. Spinning with a variety of fiber raw materials, such as raw cotton, wool, chemical staple fiber and cotton, linen, polyester, rags, mostly in the form of bales into the package into the textile mill. Raw material packing density is generally 200 ~ 650 kg / m 3, China's raw cotton packing density of about 330 ~ 400 kg / m 3. In order to spin out the quality of fine yarn, the first need to release the raw materials, remove all impurities, for uniform mixing. The opening quality of fiber raw materials, semi-finished products and yarn quality and saving materials have an important impact.
Fiber opening machine origin
The opening of fiber raw materials, the first method is used by hand. For example, wool, first with the hand to tear the hair bundle, shake. And then use a wooden stick to beat or use the bow string loose. For seed cotton is also the first hand to cottonseed and fiber separately, and then use the bow string loose fiber. Until the 18th century machine spinning, the need for more raw materials reserves, and requested to reduce the transport volume of raw materials, then the loose fiber raw materials pressure package into the package, which requires the raw material to open and remove the impurity of the mechanized method. Since then, there have been various types of opening and impurity removal machinery.
Fiber opening machine effect
Mainly loose fibers, cotton, textiles and other materials, by tearing large pieces of tangled fiber release into small pieces or bundle, while in the process of release associated with mixing, impurity removal. Opening machine is generally composed of a pair of feed roller or feed roller and an open cylinder composed of open pine cylinder with angle nails or needles or needle cloth or porcupine thugs, to open a more thorough, and some also in the cylinder equipped with a work roll and stripping roll. Different structures make it open effect, mixing effect, impurity removal effects are significantly different, and so the different requirements of the production line should be used in different forms of opener. Can also be selected according to the processing of raw materials open machine, open the loose fiber and then feed carding machine for processing.
Fiber opening machine species
PP cotton open machine, the first opening of the cloth machine, polyester staple fiber machine, silk spinning machine, open air machine, three serrated drums Ma fine open machine, textile waste open machine, Dolls, such as cotton open Loose.
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