How to choose an Automatic Chinese Envelope Machine

Good Automatic Chinese Envelope Machine can produce good quality envelopes. These issues are of paramount concern to the user of the envelopes and, of course, the primary consideration for the envelope manufacturer. The production of good envelopes should in many respects meet certain criteria.
Envelope corners: good envelope requirements are four corners of the standard right-angle, which requires the envelope machine paper positioning, pressure lines, folding and other processes must be very accurate.
Foil: If the window is enveloped, the smoothness of the film will not only directly affect the aesthetics of the envelope, but also affect the packaging process of the later envelopes. If the film is not smooth enough, will affect the package when the inserts, resulting in card sealing phenomenon. Good Automatic Chinese Envelope Machine to smooth the completion of the window film process, and to ensure the smoothness of the film.
Easy to tear line: with easy to tear line of the envelope must be easy to tear line tear easy, Kaifeng smooth, and to ensure that the pieces are not damaged, which requires the envelope of the pressure line perfect function, good pressure line.
Envelope Packaging: If you need to post-packaging business letter envelope, but also as much as possible to reduce the package card Seal rate, to ensure smooth and efficient package.
Envelope image matching: Today, foreign high-quality envelopes have been able to seal the envelope at the seamless up and down the image, which the envelope of the production of high accuracy requirements. In the future, with the development of direct mail advertising market and the types of envelopes, the gradual liberalization of the style, the country will gradually use this envelope. At present, the import and Automatic Chinese Envelope Machine have been able to achieve the perfect image of the perfect collage, bringing high-quality envelopes.
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