Common trouble of Custom Automatic Pasting Machine

Custom Automatic Pasting Machine for a long time will inevitably be a number of failures, Custom Automatic Pasting Machinetoday, the problems often listed, hoping to give you help:
1. Adjustment of the pressing device.
The center of the mark is aligned and both sides are symmetrical. Standard brush perpendicular to the container surface. The overlapping gap of the pressure brush across the vessel is: a single pressure brush is 10mm ~ 15mm, the combined pressure brush is 5mm ~ 10mm. The position of the cleaning brush from the sponge is 1mm ~ 2mm. Adjustment of the pressure bottle head. The bottle head should be 20 mm below the bottle in the absence of the bottle.
2. Adjust the label box.
Custom Automatic Pasting Machine (0 distance), and then move the label box closer to 1mm ~ 2mm.  If the label is in the center of the label, the center of the labeling box is tangent to the label paper. Label paper in the box and the pressure on both sides of the gap should be between 0.8mm-1mm, the gap is too large caused by the standard paper box in the shift box, there inclined standard, the gap is too small will lead to poor standard push. The adjustment of the position of the hook of the standard box: the upper and lower, the left and right grappling hooks are on the same vertical plane and even hard to label the paper. Adjustment of the label feed roller: The label near the top of the label finger cannot be crushed when the label presser is pressed to the front of the label box and the label is attached when there is no label.
3. Into the bottle star wheel, the bottle star wheel, and screw into the bottle adjustment.
In the in and out of the bottle star wheel and into the bottle screw to adjust, to the standard bottle pressure bottle shall prevail. First adjust the bottle into the star wheel, when the pressure bottle head just overturned the bottle, the adjustment into the bottle star wheel, the bottle is located in the middle of the star wheel groove. Adjust the screw into the bottle: to enter the bottle star wheel shall prevail, when the bottle is located in the middle of the groove into the bottle star wheel, adjust the screw so that the screw into the bottle side of the bottle but not by displacement. Adjustment of the star wheel: When the bottle head just lifted, adjust the star wheel to make the bottle in the middle of the groove of the star wheel.
4. Adjustment of station.
Scraper and rubber roller adjustment: squeegee and rubber roller in the entire length of the gap cannot appear, if there is gap can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric bolt squeegee. Cots and the adjustment of the target: target and rubber roller between the only contacts without any pressure. Gap is too large, too much glue on the target board, resulting in rejection of plastic. Gap is too small, too tight, will squeeze away the glue, the standard plate side without glue. Practice has proved that the standard plate and the gap between the rubber roller in the 0.1mm ~ 0.2mm for the best. Can be adjusted by the lower roller bearing to achieve, Custom Automatic Pasting Machine if necessary, the upper roller bearing adjustment.
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