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Most of these Gulf countries have embarked on bold national experiments to pilot technology and teaching in their schools as a way to transition to knowledge societies. News. Edward A. Google+. "Global Civil Society 2011" Publishing by Springer Genre Social Science e Book Title : Global Civil Society 2011c Name Author : H. Classic issues of relativism and universalism are raised in a new context. Jarvis,P.(ed) (2001) TheAgeof Learning: Educationand the Knowledge Society, London: Kogan. Fortunately for those who love to read, because they will get the most valuable legacy of great people. He argues that the driving forces of globalisation are radically changing lifelong learning and shows that adult education/learning only gained mainstream status because of these global changes and as learning became more work orientated."Article> Peter Jarvis= Statement .". Srlin= Statement .". (1999) 'Globalization and theresearchimagination', International Social ScienceJournal, 51(2):22938. And the most precious legacy they are embedded in their books.

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