Antique Style Brass Front Door Bells

Antique and vintage style  Brass Front Door Bells buttons are a wonderful way to show grace and detail at the front entrance of any home. Doorbell buttons have been popular in Europe for many decades and have been found in America since the earliest advent of electricity. Architectural and designer doorbell buttons were popularized in the late 1920's and early 1930's, and they were characterized by form rather than function. The early 1950's treated doorbell buttons as more streamlined architecture and precise geometric patterns rather than functional objects.
Grand doorbell buttons and Brass Front Door Bells are timeless and are a welcome addition to any home. These architectural elements exemplify simplicity, beauty and tradition. Long before more modern electric doorbells came into fashion, grand mechanical doorbells abounded and could even help distinguish one flat from another. Mechanical doorbells came in many forms - but the most popular were the twist style and pull styles. For a twist mechanical doorbell - the user twists a stem which moves a set of gears to push against a bell (much like a mechanical alarm clock). Pull style doorbells consisted simply of a rope hooked to a bell. Of course, mechanical doorbells can still be found in many homes today. These units are typically found in cast iron, bronze, antique brass and polished chrome with the most famous styles found in naturally aging unlaquered brass.
Many different Brass Front Door Bells designs are produced today - allowing you to incorporate their patterns in your doors. It is a simple way to incorporate a striking design element at the front entryway. You can also find doorbell buttons in many different styles including Colonial, Rococo, Victorian, Art Deco, Craftsman and post modern styles. You can also ask an interior designer or other design experts for assistance or look to decorating magazines for additional help.
Hundreds of styles of  Brass Front Door Bells buttons are readily available online as well as in many home decorating catalogs. When you work with a doorbell, be prepared. Search for solid brass or bronze construction and be sure to ask questions. Will the unit fit your personal style, but also fit your door? What is the hole spacing and will I need to re-drill my door?
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