After all, let us be blunt. How is that teenaged son or daughter supposed to realize that mom and dad who have never done anything insane before, and

Into a non-naturist buddy or family member, naked = sex. Interval. The naturism-textile cross-cultural communication difference is a vast void, composed of a lack of common experience and language to connect two worlds as foreign as the Ithaca area, upstate Ny culture I left, and the Hessisch and PfAlzer German culture I was suddenly immersed into.
The nudie has little or no precise language to communicate her new experience, and the non-nudie has no expertise base from which to interpret the obscure language. Metaphorically speaking we may think we are saying schwIl but we're actually saying schwul when we insist to the fabric, that naturism is non-sexual nudity. Then we wonder why the non-nudist frowns, nuts, furrows his forehead, or bursts out in . It's really not even the proper location to start the conversation.
OK fellow nudies, can't we just admit it? We now have a cross-cultural communication problem of major proportions. If we continue to insist to the textile world that naturism is just nonsexual, especially in an increasingly hypersexual world, we are going to have to find better language to get it done. Our language, as it pertains to sexology, is quite feeble.

Consider the Eskimos. They've 13 words for snow in a highly developed tradition of snow. They share common snow language and common snow encounter. Sex is a bit more complex than snow, so we can do better than to insist that being nude is somehow completely void of sexuality. In the end, in naturism, our genitalia, our sex if you will, is in plain sight.
If you take offense at someone seeing your penis or vulva, then of course you'd not be a nudist. On the other hand, most fabrics would consider exposure of the naked body to anyone other than their partner, either underhanded seduction, or some sort of sexual abuse. So, is not it kind of odd that we insist so strongly that our social nudity is non sexual? After all, it's not the impersonal parts of our bodies, like our elbows, fingers, or toes that elicit such strong emotions. NO! It is expressly our exposed sexuality that brings out such reactions.
I think if we hope to win the battles of today to grow naturism it is important to be honest with ourselves, and to understand where many of the fabrics we are attempting to reach may be coming from. And it won't do to insist that schwul is not schwIl non-naturists don't get the difference!
In view of the preceding, sex-positive is an excellent start at developing a whole new, fuller, richer vocabulary encircling naturism and sexuality. Let us quit pretending naturism has nude beach volleyball related to sexuality in the non-naturist mind it does, and we should start there. Also, for us naturists, sex-positive is a means to begin being more confident about our own sexuality and thus more actual with the fabric world. Instead of being reactive and negative about sexuality, maybe we can take a lead role in teaching about really executing sexuality.
This in turn challenges us to a deeper understanding of our naked encounters and our sexuality, and how we may connect them metaphorically to similar fabric experiences in ways which makes the non-naturist need to consider naturism as a real option. Perhaps we should consider this precisely because many fabrics are looking for an easy method to bring equilibrium, significance, and fulfillment to their sexuality.
And so we must take a deeper look inside and really ask, is our naturism as nonsexual as we appear to say to the non-naturist? What are we are afraid of, that keeps us from confronting sexuality in naturism? Does the textile world see something that we do not want to see?
Every one of this is why we need at least some change in our understanding, our expertise, and our growth of new language as we face changing sexuality within fabric culture and naturism. Sex-favorable. It really is the first step in dealing with these changes, and hopefully in reaching many new folks, to ensure that they too may experience the freedom and happiness that we've experienced.
In this site we've considered that a big issue in reaching the cloth world is that there is a cross-cultural communication gap between our world and theirs. There's a deficiency of common language and expertise to bridge this gap or deal with altering sexuality.