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Therefore, spending and spending big rarely ever translates into fucking the hot date youre whining and dining. So theyre 1,000 times more willing to have sex with a random. I have island buddies who go to NYC for a week or so, and they get laid via my Transient theory. Sure! But thats not the point to this elusive secret of poon-banging in NYC. WPage 18 and 19: The Cab Ride The 6 minute ride from Short-link Link Embed extended embed settings . Save as template? Title Description no error Cancel Overwrite Save . Why we dubbed this one product 'idiot-proof' and how it can transform a woman's reaction to you almost immediately. PUA Lifestyle From Loser > Boss Menu Skip to content Buy Kenny A Drink (Paypal Donate) Buy My Products & Services Get 47 Covert Texts To Make Her Wett Get Become A Pickup Artist Get Facebook Bang Get From Streets To Sheets Get Laid From POF [Plenty of Fish] Get- How To Bang Foreign Girls (Revised Edition) Get How To Pick Up American Girls [a foreigners guide] Get Phone Coaching Via Skype Ask A PUA FAQs Contact Info My Podcast Show Photo Gallery PUA Jargon List What Is The PUA/Seduction Community? Get Your Ex BackThe E-Book Easy Guide To Picking Up Girls On Facebook Tag Archives: getting laid in NYC Taking Her On A Dinner Date; Worst Idea If Youre Looking For Sex Afterwards (Credits To Paul Jankas Getting Laid InNYC) Posted on June 16, 2013 by K Social Paul Janka, author of Getting Laid In NYC Ive repeatedly pounded this point home over the years, that taking women out on traditional dates (dinner-movie) is the proverbial kiss-of-death; particularly so, if youre intention is to get into her panties. In 2005 Paul wrote a personal piece for fun to share with his friends.


403 Forbidden.. NYC is flooded with TRANSIENT(being that its a tourist haven). Dont leave things up to chance." "In some of the best pickups I've done, there's a level of condescension, combativeness, and dismissiveness that isn't acceptable in calm society. If shes merely a prospect or someone youre looking to fuck or date: then stick to an ice cream on the go, pretzel, donut, slice of pizza, coffee or a drink. Since 2007 he has been coaching men on how to meet women and become 'Casanovas' themselves. Create a free website or blog at BTW, the Transient card works brilliantly in small towns also. She will feel a more sense of urgency to let you bang her since youre leaving soon. As the renown-seduction coach Paul Janka(out of NYC) said: New York is a city of anonymity. 28 Comments Getting Laid In NYC [Kennys #1Secret] Posted on July 25, 2012 by K Social Tweet It can be pretty easy breezy to bang hot girls in NYC.


Paul Janka with two sisters in Italy.Paul Janka with twin blondes in Italy.Flavia Colgan from MSNbc, ex-fling of Paul JankaFlavia Colgan from MSNbc, ex-fling of Paul Janka Notable Media Appearances Psychology Today: Field Guide to the Casanova: . So spend less. In 2007, Paul Janka wrote an eBook entitled Attraction Formula. When he arrived in New York as a consequence he naturally began to spend more time chasing women and developed a relatively extreme player lifestyle. Marcus London David Wygant Mehow (Michal Pospiesz.

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