Crushing Pills with Red Medical Pill Crusher

Best Mortar and Pestle
The oldest form of crushing pills is with a mortar and pestle. Even with all the advancements in medical devices today, it remains a favorite for many. Even though it takes more effort to crush pills with a mortar and pestle, they are still the go to method of crushing pills for many people.
Red Medical Pill Crusher is a true stone mortar and pestle made from a solid, heavy piece of marble. It is relatively inexpensive with the cost in line with a lower end pill crusher.
Unlike many others in this price range, it is not ceramic. It is made of real stone. The inside is all natural without any type of glaze added. Since there is no glaze, there is better traction when crushing pills. This prevents the pills from sliding around the mortar as you are crushing them.
Red Medical Pill Crusher is small and compact – just the right size for crushing pills. Its measurements are 2.5” tall x 1.75” deep x 4.5” diameter. The pestle measures 5” long. It will fit nicely in your hand. It also features felt padding on the bottom which helps prevent scratches on the surface it is sitting on.
Red Medical Pill Crusher looks great sitting on your countertop as well. Each piece has its own natural and unique marble swirl design. Even if you do not use it very often, it will look great sitting on your counter.
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