Look for a Medical Plastic Pill Crusher That is Easy to Operate

If you have arthritis or limited strength in your hands and arms, the small plastic “twist top” Medical Plastic Pill Crusher may not be the best option. They have been known to make your wrists and arms sore or cramp after using them. If used frequently enough, they can even cause blisters or calluses on your fingers.
They require a firm twist to crush the pills. Our recommended cheap Medical Plastic Pill Crusher has a triangular designed top which makes it easier to grip. However, you still need the strength to twist it firmly enough to crush the pill. Many elderly adults or those with arthritis may have trouble doing this. It is a very manual process that requires a significant amount of effort.
How Much Are You Willing to Spend?
The price point and quality of Medical Plastic Pill Crusher vary widely. The drug store pill crushers usually cost less than $10. These cheaper Medical Plastic Pill Crusher are lower quality and many will not hold up to heavy use.
The Silent Medical Plastic Pill Crusher is a bit more expensive. However, it is a real tool with quality construction. It is extremely durable and comes with a lifetime warranty according to the manufacturer’s website. It’s probably the last one you will ever have to buy.
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