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Ebooks Free Download Pdf And A Hard Rain Fell



Trying to retain control in those areas would probably result in an inability to sell the movie rights generally. It's exciting, satisfying, and even liberating. Q. Is it true you're releasing your stories only as ebooks? . There are ways of doing this, but the feedback I've received suggests they're not reliable so I don't recommend them. The right title matters—if only because the wrong one has the same effect as an inappropriate frame around an otherwise beautiful painting. For similar reasons, audio versions will typically be available some months following the digital release—again, it just takes more time to record, edit, and engineer the narration. Where can I find audio versions of the books? . It was a silly play on the protagonist's name, and led to an unfortunate and unimaginative sequence of similar such meaningless, interchangeable titles: Hard Rain, Rain Storm, Killing Rain (the British titles were better, but still not right: Blood from Blood for #2; Choke Point for #3; One Last Kill for #4). If you're curious, you can see me in action here. A Note On The New Titles . For me, it's like seeing these books for the first time in the frames they always deserved.

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