California Gun Laws - Transporting a Gun in Your Vehicle

If your vehicle does

not have a trunk, CRPA recommends you put your unloaded Kimber ca bar exam questions CDP in a locking

hard case. A small, portable safe bolted to the floor of your trunk is also a good option.

. This means you cannot carry the gun in your

vehicle's center console, even if it is locked, or in the storage area behind

the rear seat in hatchbacks. If you do not have a concealed carry permit, you can only lawfully transport

a concealed handgun in your vehicle if it is (1) unloaded and (2) locked in the

vehicle's trunk, or in a separate locked container other than the utility or

glove compartment. Penal Code

Section 12026.1 defines a locked container as "a secure container which is

fully enclosed and locked by a padlock, key lock, combination lock, or similar

locking lsat prep online device"