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dominated by a billionaire pdf download


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Dominated By A Billionaire Pdf Download



Chapter One. It was terrifying. Arnie grinned. At least you're not going home to a junky brother and an overweight cat.'. Hungry, but happy.


The man who'd taken what he wanted from her was the principal shareholder in her company. Pam knew this man was as far above her as she was above a dog in the street. Her mind raced with fear, confusion and excitement. The hallways were empty now. Someone like her could never be with a man like him. Saliva dripped down her chin to her breasts, and the sound of his ragged breath echoed in the tight space along with the slurp and smack of her wet lips closed around him in an deep, erotic kiss. Her head spun back to the door and he pushed her face roughly against it. There was nowhere else she'd rather be, nobody else she'd rather serve. He'd never be forced to come into contact with women like Pam.


She was powerless. Why are we not moving?, thought Pam, feeling panic rising in her throat. She looked at the envelope one last time through blurred, wet eyes and tore it open. In a daze she noticed her breath condensing on the steel, blurring the reflection of the man behind her. There must be $5,000 here!.


She didn't dare open it, preferring to pretend none of this had ever happened. Change it now. 'Going down?' The man leaning casually against the back wall of the elevator raised an eyebrow and looked at her imploringly. I feel ripped off. It was all a dream.

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