Shadows risen (Challenging Intelligence) is a management consulting and business advisory firm that delivers its services in the field of consulting to enhance the quality of people, process & business in an organization and thereby enabling them to achieve growth, stability & greatness. Leadership training companies in chennai  200,000 people have been benefited, working experience with more than 470 organizations, 15,980 hours of consulting experience, an astounding team of consultants – handpicked & uniquely trained – that's what we are. Leadership training companies in chennai We have sculptured and carved every minute of our life's expertise that we have gained over the past two decades to present you with outstanding tools & strategies that you have never seen like none before. Leadership training companies in chennai  Leave it to us, relax. It is our duty to deliver those results you have always dreamt. Let's explore & expand. With Cheers Gerald Arun dass Our service   


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