California prenuptial Laws Explained

It is important to understand that in California, separate property can be "transmuted" into community property inadvertently in some cases through commingling. We are dedicated to provide you with all the right information you need to prepare a fair prenuptial agreement that is fair and meets the prenuptial law.

In 2000, the California prenuptial laws were significantly changed by the Barry Bonds Case (not the steroid one). . Interestingly, the UPAA gives no direction on what provisions should be included. Consequently, a skilled California prenuptial attorney should be retained to discuss your unique situation.

1. Allow for independent 3rd party to explain the terms to the party in writing. In addition to old California prenuptial laws of writing / voluntariness / full disclosure, a California prenuptial must:

Interestingly, the California prenuptial laws state that community property will be split equally at the dissolution of the marriage. The Bonds case changed the California prenuptial game forever by imposing stricter requirements. See Family Code