Madrid Tourist Information You Ought to Not Miss

Madrid is a city that appeals to many types of individuals, the art aficionados, the party mongers, the diehard fashionistas, the live songs enthusiasts and the enthusiasts of culture. No make a difference what you are into, Madrid, Spain has something to offer you.

Hot dry summers and cool winters - a weather of extremes - are what you ought to expect from the city. According to what time of the year you visit madrid tourist attractions, the weather and climate are as diverse as metropolis itself.

Characterized by powerful cultural and artistic activity as well as a very lively and hot night life, you can never go out of things to do and places to go to in Madrid. It is just a cosmopolitan city, headquarters for the public administration, business center and the home of the Spanish Royal Family.

You want to know when the best time is to visit Madrid? Properly the solution is all year round! But if you are just in for a short visit, the best time to go is on the weekends. There are so many activities and events going on during saturdays and sundays that you will really get to know the heart and soul of the town.

On a Sunday, you should definitely not overlook out going to Este Rastro Street as an enormous outdoor market is waiting for you. Discover some excellent buys and start bargain hunting for clothes, CD's, accessories and even kitchen supplies and equipment. It is a 9-5 pm affair so wear comfortable footwear and shop to your heart's content.

If you want to cut costs when going to museums, buy a This town card which gives you free access to 40 museums as well as more than 100 establishments that give discounts after presentation of the card. There is also a guided tour called Discover Madrid Program that you can join for free with this card. You can buy this card from the This town Tourist Information Office which is located at the Plaza Mayor, or you could also ask your travel agency to get you one.

Among the 42 museums, you certainly should not miss the Pasto Museum on Paseo Del Prado. It is one of the very most visited Madrid tourist attractions that houses works of art from the 12th hundred years to the 19th millennium.

If you want an escape from the traffic of Madrid, you can visit the Retiro Park. This is a wonderful oasis of calm located to the East of the biggest market of Madrid. Stroll along the leafy paths like royalty when it was once a building garden. You may also have your fortune read by tarot card readers on Sundays.

With the abundance of cafes and restaurants in Madrid, you will never go hungry. Here you can experience the other side of Madrid, peaceful and relaxing as opposed to the busy nightlife in the downtown area.

Palacio Real, the established residence of the Spanish language Royal Family is open to the public at peak times. It is best to pay for a led tour and listen to the history that is right behind every wall of the palace. 45 minutes of your time will give you a preview about how it is to live just like a prince and queen in Madrid.