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bassness said, August 7, 2010 6:23 am Great lesson Marlowe, very Larry Graham style bass line. Once you learn those words they can easily be combined together into sentences. For everyone whose picture about notation, use of symbols and writing the bass line in modern music is not clear. Related Berklee Online Certificate Programs. The drum jam tracks are split into 9 different Funky Drummers with a full range of speeds for each drum style. 10 fun slap bass grooves with jam tracks using hammers-ons & pull-offs Learn 9 slide techniques Play 4 slap bass grooves with jam tracks using various slide techniques Chapter 5 16th Notes 16th notes are the bread and butter rhythm of Funk.


Slap bass is a cool technique that can set you apart from other bass players. You can upload video for players in m4v, mov to Thanks for m4v! . Try Slap Bass Funky Fundamentals Risk Free Today! Have a good one! Shawn Bradshaw Your Slap Bass Teacher & Founder Support Contact About Us Privacy Policy Terms of Service Affiliate Disclosure Online Guitar Lessons Copyright 2016 As well as introduce another essential slap bass techniques called ghost notes. This makes it easier to learn and master the technique.


MarloweDK said, February 28, 2013 9:29 am Thank you Chuma Dont worry be patient, it can be hard to get started You may want to get some general instruction before you start on the slap bass program, i would recommend a real teacher to get you started. They only focus on the techniques. Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleEmailPrint. Without mastering the funk slap technique, a bass guitarist cannot participate in modern music genres and play in a music group. In fact if you are not 100% satisfied with the course for any reason, just submit a support ticket within 60 days for a full refund (less shipping) P.S. The book, besides from examples, also contains lots of exercises!. How is the book structured?. They can also be used as bass solo parts. It contains basic to advanced techniques you need to master funk slap.


In Slap Bass, you will learn the fundamentals of playing slap, from traditional to advanced modern techniques, and learn to construct your own slap lines over original songs. Im learning a tremendous amount from your vids. .. No unnecessary text! The emphasis is exclusively on exercises and examples from many years of my professional pedagogical practice. Learn some essential basic rhythms Learn about time signatures Play 4 easy slap bass grooves with jam tracks Chapter 2 Getting More Rhythmic The next chapter is going to help you build your rhythmic vocabulary. This is often why beginner and intermediate bass players who want to have fun playing slap bass give up in frustration.

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