Social Acceptance - Life and Acceptance

Guest site by: Kevin W.
Life and Societal Approval:
Social Acceptance - Sitting atop a hill on a crisp cool morning observing the sun wake and rise, thoughts on life steadily stream.
A little gentile breeze wanders through followed by an improving wind as the sun begins to shine ever so bright.
Looking all around, I see a tree I Have watched grow old over the years. In the day, it was quite dynamic, filled with leaves, filled with song birds proudly singing their songs for me, chipmunks and squirrels chasing each other up and down and through the branches.
Today I sit reminiscing Mother Nature's shows I've observed none of repeats, all new and different. Here I sit pondering what Mother Nature's life lesson is for me. There are not any birds, no chipmunks, nor squirrels to be seen at this once lively tree. This tree now stands broken, missing all but a portion of its trunk. The tree's trunk tells a story of many woodpecker strikes, wood boring insects, and signs of being once lived in by squirrels. There lies its branch turning into earth.
Once upon a time, this tree was a seed in the earth laying in watch for the day it got the strength and bravery to sprout out on its own experience. Through its life, it'd obstacles to conquer and accept.
Let's bring this tree's life into ours.
One day you're brought onto earth with nothing but your innocent nude body. You'd no worries with no care in the world except to be loved and fed. Nothing mattered to you, not even what your body looked like or anyone else's body. The media does not speak infant so you were not told what bodies are appealing or what bodies you should view as disgusting, obscene, fat, ugly, sickly skinny, and so on. All you knew was that you were you and that other individual was just another man that wanted only to be loved and fed just like you.
Baby in tree hole
As time went on you got old, you seen others around you who are much older and have views that were altered by society saying that the Natural Life will be to be regarded as poor and shall be frowned upon. A little old now and you are beginning your school career, not doing much yet but learning the way to play and share toys with your peers. Seniors in your life direct what and how you'll run yourself. Elders say you'll be dressed at all times except when bathing. You don't understand as you spent your first few years of life running around outside in nothing but your skin.

You're dazed in confusion but do as told; you wear clothes in fear of getting in trouble. You are uncomfortable as the summer heat is making you sweat and your clothing are sticking to you. Your told to place this on as your going to the plage, your thinking, wait, how come? When we went to the plage before, we never wore anything. You put on the swimsuit, visit the playa, play in the sand, sand is trapped between your skin and suit, scratching you, making you sore and bloody. You get in the water and wash out the sand, ah comfort, coolness, now lying in your towel sunbathing. Sunbathing was a fond memory, now your fighting They created a huge, nude beauty pageant for nudist women to compete for the title of Miss Nude World. that all wet, sticking to you, bunching up, giving you wedgies, the rubber band is damaging your crotch, you make an effort to fix it but you get shouted at by an eld for "touching yourself". Ouch the pain and now humiliation. What are you really supposed to do, tolerate the pain and hope nothing goes wrong medically with your "parts" because the elder scolded you for attempting to mend your swimsuit? Believe not, done with going to the sand ever again.
Life Approval
Time passes, memories are fleeting, you do not think about anything but what to wear. Years later, someone says, remember when Oh the days of camp, how amazing to be free. You listen carefully and request what changed. You're told, school. "What, school?" Yes, the school's staff said we could no more take you to camp in fear you'd differ than your peers. "My peers?" Yes, your peers, your classmates. "My peers like other kids at camp?" No, school. We shall never head to camp again because of Modern celebs known to have practiced social .
You're much older now and thinking about what's missing in life. You remember camp and how you loved the freedom and worry free atmosphere. You did not care then about your body's appearance nor anyone else's. Will it be the same now as then?
Remembering the "school" anxiety, you understand you must be secretive. Let us research camps, resorts, and beaches and see if any appeal to you or you are able to figure out what one you went to as a kid. Searching and sear