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I'll live there on the money your grandmother from Yaroslav sent along to buy the estate--bless her!--though it won't last long. Where did you get this from? PISCHIN. I'm a man of the eighties: a period of extreme reaction under Czar Alexandr III. DUNYASHA comes in with a candle, and LOPAKHIN with a book in his hand. Isn't it all the same whether the estate is sold to-day or isn't? It's been all up with it for a long time; there's no turning back, the path's grown over. The common people have come to say good-bye. Enter GAEV; in his right hand he carries things he has bought, with his left he wipes away his tears. I can't stand it, I'll go away. Retrieved 2016-07-14. It's October outside, but it's as sunny and as quiet as if it were summer.


[Thinking deeply] Double in the corner . It's nothing, mother. You should know your place. You remember--four violins, a flute, and a double-bass. She's quite homely in her ways, works all day, and, what matters most, she's in love with you. ANYA. [Sings quietly] "For money will the Germans make a Frenchman of a Russian." [Laughs] I saw such an awfully funny thing at the theatre last night. What is this noisy earth to me.: words to a popular ballad. [Angrily] Leonid Andreyevitch! GAEV. Chekhov wrote The Cherry Orchard over the course of several years, alternating between periods of lighthearted giddiness and despondent frustration which he considered as bordering upon sloth (in a letter, he wrote, "Every sentence I write strikes me as good for nothing.") Throughout this time he was also further inhibited by his chronic tuberculosis.


LUBOV. [Gives purse to LUBOV ANDREYEVNA] I'll go at once. DUNYASHA. You know, I get up at five every morning, I work from morning till evening, I am always dealing with money--my own and other people's--and I see what people are like. LUBOV. Lopakhin teases Trofimov for being a perpetual student, and Trofimov espouses his philosophy of work and useful purpose, to the delight and humour of everyone around. By far the most eccentric character, Charlotta is the only governess the Gayevs could afford and is a companion for Anya.


Varya's going to marry him, he's Varya's young man. Thank you, Fiers. The train was two hours late. [Behind the door] Has Fiers been taken away to the hospital? ANYA. The moon rises. DUNYASHA. Senile decay.

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