Rman Tutorial 11g Pdf Download

rman tutorial 11g pdf download


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RMAN> BACKUP AS BACKUPSET TABLESPACE PRD01; . Once the backup is finished, if you view the files from rman directory, youll not see the tag name here. $ ls -l /backup/rman total 14588 -rw-r----- 1 oracle dba 14585856 Aug 8 11:48 ctlc-758818131-20130808-00 -rw-r----- 1 oracle dba 327680 Aug 8 11:48 full4dogpd0u42371 . Tweet . 50 Linux Sysadmin Tutorials 50 Most Frequently Used Linux Commands (With Examples) Top 25 Best Linux Performance Monitoring and Debugging Tools Mommy, I found it! 15 Practical Linux Find Command Examples Linux 101 Hacks 2nd Edition eBook Awk Introduction 7 Awk Print Examples Advanced Sed Substitution Examples 8 Essential Vim Editor Navigation Fundamentals 25 Most Frequently Used Linux IPTables Rules Examples Turbocharge PuTTY with 12 Powerful Add-Ons . Verify that the above two changes are done. The following example takes backup el heraldo de puebla pdf download only PRD01 tablespace.


To connect to RMAN, do the following from command line. To view all the RMAN backups, execute list backup summary as shown below. When RMAN takes a backup, it automatically deletes all the old backups that are older than the retention period. RMAN> SHOW ALL; using target database control file instead of recovery catalog RMAN configuration parameters are: CONFIGURE RETENTION POLICY TO RECOVERY WINDOW OF 2 apple ipad 2 user manual pdf download CONFIGURE BACKUP OPTIMIZATION ON; CONFIGURE DEFAULT DEVICE TYPE TO DISK; CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP ON; CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP FORMAT FOR DEVICE TYPE DISK TO "/backup/rman/ctl%F"; CONFIGURE DEVICE TYPE DISK BACKUP TYPE TO COMPRESSED BACKUPSET PARALLELISM 2; CONFIGURE DATAFILE BACKUP COPIES FOR DEVICE TYPE DISK TO 1; CONFIGURE ARCHIVELOG BACKUP COPIES FOR DEVICE TYPE DISK TO 1; CONFIGURE CHANNEL DEVICE TYPE DISK FORMAT "/backup/rman/full%u%s%p" MAXPIECESIZE 2048 M; CONFIGURE MAXSETSIZE TO UNLIMITED; CONFIGURE ENCRYPTION FOR DATABASE OFF; CONFIGURE ENCRYPTION ALGORITHM 'AES128'; CONFIGURE ARCHIVELOG DELETION POLICY TO NONE; CONFIGURE SNAPSHOT CONTROLFILE NAME TO '/u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/dbs/snapcfdevdb.f'; # default . Well see what this has after the backup is taken.


If you enjoyed this article, you might also like. The following example take a compressed backup of the tablepsace PRD01. It is strongly recommended to use RMAN backup sets to backup the database. If you are taking a backup of a big database, youll notice that the RMAN backup files are bigger (almost same size as the database itself). Now when you view the RMAN files, youll see the new RMAN backup file has this new file name format for the files. Tweet >Add your comment .