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analog to digital conversion techniques pdf download


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Wikibooks has a book on the topic of: Analog and Digital Conversion . ^ "Voltage-to-Frequency Analog-to-Digital Converters". Retrieved 19 August 2012. The Wilkinson ADC is based on the comparison of an input voltage with that produced by a charging capacitor. N = 2 M − 1 , {displaystyle N=2^{M}-1,,} . Thus for high resolution, it is possible that the successive-approximation ADC is faster than the Wilkinson. ^ Analog Devices MT-028 Tutorial: "Voltage-to-Frequency Converters" by Walt Kester and James Bryant 2009, apparently adapted from Kester, Walter Allan (2005) Data conversion handbook, Newnes, p.


Apache Tomcat/7.0.35. Different models of ADC may include sample and hold circuits, instrumentation amplifiers or differential inputs, where the quantity measured is the difference between two voltages. An ideal ADC has an ENOB equal to its resolution. Quantization error is the noise introduced by quantization in an ideal ADC. In consequence, the number of discrete values available, or "levels", is assumed to be a power of two. (1998). If a preamplifier has been used prior to A/D conversion, the noise introduced by the amplifier can be an important contributing factor towards the overall SNR. Longer integration times allow for higher resolutions.


The problem lies in that the ranges of analog values for the digitized values are not all of the same width, and the differential linearity decreases proportionally with the divergence from the average width. Types[edit]. For an 8-bit unit, conversion takes place in a few tens of nanoseconds. "Analog-to-digital converter survey and analysis". Knoll, Glenn F. ^ Microchip AN795 "Voltage to Frequency / Frequency to Voltage Converter" p. One effective bit of resolution changes the signal-to-noise ratio of the digitized signal by 6 dB, if the resolution is limited by the ADC. This results in poor linearity.

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