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As they entered the Second Ward, he spotted archers on the parapets of the final wall and, beyond that, the spired roof of the castle keep. He risked meeting Freyrks eyes, saw within them a reflection of the maelstrom he heard in Freyrks song. Whoops, our bad. Perhaps the Crown Prince would meet them at the keep itself. Freyrk closed his eyes and let himself revel in Aydens shelter. Had he hurt the elfs feelings? What he wouldnt give for the power to hear them as Ayden could.


Yaoi Manga, KPop Profiles Collectiontricks Mods: Simple Alphabetical List . Trust me, his gaze said. Hed not been to the Splendor in some five centuries, and could have gone another five without regret. Maybe . Twas true, and yet . Whatever pleasant memories hed had of the place had been fouled beyond repair.


You have sacrificed so much for me already, he whispered. Gods alone knew what he might endure at the same hands to keep Rk safe. Despite himself, a smile crept upon his lips at the thought of Ayden as a diplomats son, dressed to the chin in finery and standing still and mannerly at his fathers sidelikely with that mop of unruly hair to ruin the impression . A league or two from the first wall came the noise and stench of an impoverished settlement that had not been there last Ayden had: shoddy wooden homes along narrow, winding alleys, waste flowing free in the gutters where children played. I will be careful, I promise. And if his voice shook a little, well, it wasnt as if he feared hed never see the man again, right? . The elf he was now escorting to the one place more treacherous than even the darker forests: the High Court of Aegea.

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