What Is Education?

As I said, nothing has changed.

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The very best definition of education I have ever heard goes something like this: A good (liberal arts) education is that which gives insight into what it is hop over to these guys to be someone other than yourself.

Through education, in the fullest sense of the world, one gains empathy (as opposed to and hopefully in addition to sentimental "sympathy"). They deviated from the path of investigating the mysteries of the universe, for the purpose of expanding human knowledge and fulfillment and... there's no kind way to say this --- in my blog many cases, aided and abetted fraud.

I hope they have found their way back to the true path.

As for the rest of your question: I am a classic learning-for-the-joy-of-learning guy. There is a difference, to my way of california state bar exam dates thinking, between education and training.

What about things like physics, mathematics, and computer science?

Well, if you get a PhD. in physics, and only learn how to make an atomic bomb; and you never even https://www.justia.com/lawyers learn (or care to learn) about Hiroshima and Nagasaki (WWII), and you never grasp the human and potential planetary cost of such weapons --- then what good are you? You are trained but not educated.

Say, remember when we heard about M.I.T graduates in mathematics and the sciences, who went to work creating derivatives? Remember that?

What do you think about that? What I would say was that they, at least temporarily, betrayed their education. Education is for my life, not my career.

What did education mean to me 10 years ago? Well, I've always been a library geek; nothing has changed.

What does education mean to me now? The same