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.. you guys r great. The database I use is called AdventureWorksDW2008R2 and it is Microsoft training database that you can download from Microsoft site. Take care Emil Did you find this page useful? Donate >> Top 10 Pages (Sept-16): 1. SSIS Interview Q&As 2,4k 3. pls how can i get sql server software to install on my pc. and Thanks a lot for sharing :) Posted on : 03/12/2012 king mhar Very Nice Tutorial, Can i ask a question if i can do update from 3 concatinated value and update it from other table. IT Job Search Tips Leave a Comment Name: Comment: Add Comment Comments 9 comments Posted on : 18/07/2014 Emil Hi Andrew, The advanced part of the query is knowledge of informationschema.columns not the sql query itself. Advanced SQL Queries Show field in every table that contains certain word This SQL Query is one of my favourite ones. SQL Server 2016 - Install Steps 4. I will store page link in a variable so it it easier to read it main part of the code that will perform all the work.

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