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index of difficulty pdf download


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Index Of Difficulty Pdf Download



If an item is too easy, too difficult, failing to show a difference between skilled and unskilled examinees, or even scored incorrectly, an item analysis will reveal it. That is, the distractors should seem likely or reasonable to an examinee who is not sufficiently knowledgeable in the content area. For example, if a given item has a discrimination index below .1, but the item's p-value is greater than .9, you may interpret the item as being easy for almost the entire set of examinees, and probably for that reason not providing much discrimination between high ability and low ability examinees. A useful approach when reviewing a set of item discrimination indexes is to also view each item's p-value at the same time. Login Login as… User: Password: CapsLock is on. For example, it can reveal an item mis-key. Your browser doesn't accept cookies. Publications Books Papers Diploma & Master's Theses Software Upcoming Conferences Upcoming Journals . Systems iPhone Programming MSc-Lab: MCP Proseminar: HCI . If an item has a very high (or very low) p-value, the potential value of the discrimination index will be much less than if the item has a mid-range p-value. In other cases, items may still be usable, after modest changes are made to improve their performance on future exams. Remember me (for 1 month) .. The possible range of the discrimination index is -1.0 to 1.0; however, if an item has a discrimination below 0.0, it suggests a problem. Once the item analysis information is available, an item review is often conducted.

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