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This means it will be very difficult to shoot steady long range shots without a tripod. Most contemporary digital cameras start at 8-12 megapixels, which create relatively large size image files. Also, check out this resource: list of cameras. Your camera will make the best guess about exposure settings based on the amount of and type of light hitting the cameras sensor. White Balance and ISO controls, for instance) and control over manual exposure. Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. About the same time, Apple came out with its first image management and editing software, iPhoto 1.0. Topics discussed include selecting and using light sources, triggering strobes and choosing studio backgrounds. Pin it Craft & Vision 1 by Craft & Vision Craft & Vision 1 is jam-packed with writing and photographs that will definitely inspire you to take your photography to the next level. If you plan on using your camera a lot, beyond the simple point- and-shoot mode, you will want camera controls to be easily accessible.


Ive never had a media card fail on me, but I shy away from shooting with larger than 8 gigabyte size cards when shooting weddings. The higher the f-number, the smaller the hole. cropping, exposure correction, color enhancement and gray scale conversion.) and Googles Picasa services will allow you to upload and organize your images, and they include basic editing features for cropping and retouching images. Pin it More Load More Posts 2007‐2016 (HKDC). Use a fairly high ISO and slow shutter speed. You cannot use these features when youre shooting in Automatic mode or some preset modes, such as night or portrait mode. Both Canon and Nikon include editing software with their cameras. Your cameras automatic features may cause your flash to fire when you dont want it to, such as when youre shooting in a shaded area.


You also must use a RAW image editor (see part 6) to process RAW photos. If for example your white balance control is set for indoor shooting, but youre actually shooting outdoors, you can edit and outdoor white balance setting when you open the image in a RAW image editor. I have read about media cards becoming corrupted when they are completely filled to the brim with image files. Format Your Media Card There are two ways you can delete images from your media cards. Introduction: The Digital Photography Revolution I took my first photography class in high school, in the late 1970s, two or three decades before the emergence of digital photography. Focal length: The length of distance from the lens to the cameras sensor. You still must learn to steady your shots, but image stabilization can often assist and or warn you when the ambient light for the shot is too low or when the camera is having difficulty focusing on the subject.


There are three types of popular consumer-based cameras: basic point-and-shoot, compact, and DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras. If you want more flexibility beyond a timed self-timer, do a Google search for a remote trigger device for your DSLR. Pin it The Adorama Guide To Sports Photography by Adorama Sports photography can produce some striking images of athletes in action, but there’s more to it than just shooting randomly at a sporting event. Images that you cherish the most should be backed up to one or two online storage sites and services, such as Googles Picasa,, and You might go so far as to document your workflow, much like I have in this basic guideline.

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