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To maintain the moister condition, put 25mm (1inch) coal and lime mixture around the earth plate. in other words, the wire between earthing lead and electrical device or appliance is called earth continuity conductor. General method of Earthing / Proper Grounding Installation (Step by Step) The usual method of earthing of electric equipments, devices and appliances are as follow: First of all, dig a 5x5ft (1.51.5m) pit about 20-30ft (6-9 meters) in the ground. It therefore implies that it is not necessary to earth any of the wires (live, earth and neutral wires) contained in a PVC. Use thimble and nut bolts to connect tightly wires to the bed plates of machines.


Write for ET Advertise with Us Sitemap Privacy Policy Contact Us Electrical Technology Home EE Library Electrical Wiring Home Electrical Wiring UPS / Inverter Wiring Diagrams Solar Panel Wiring & Installation Batteries Wiring Diagrams 1 Phase & 3 Phase Wiring Power & Control Wiring All about MCB, its Construction, Working, Types & Applications. Why Earthing is Important? The primary purpose of earthing is to avoid or minimize the danger of electrocution, fire due to earth leakage of current through undesired path and to ensure that the potential of a current carrying conductor does not rise with respect to the earth than its designed insulation. Earthing can be said as the connection of the neutral point of a power supply system to the earth so as to avoid or minimize danger during discharge of electrical energy. Generally, the size of the bare copper wire used as earth continuity conductor is 3SWG. In this section Login, registration and MyIET Legal notices and copyright statement Electrical Standards Plus help Contact us Wiring Regulations Wiring Regulations Digital Forms Technical help Updates Draft for Public Comment Cable colour changes BS 7671 CD-ROM Books Amendment No. SI specification for Earthing Various specifications in respect to earthing as recommended by Indian Standards are given below. Bonding is known as connecting the metallic parts of different machines which is not considered to be carrying electric current during normal operation of the machines to bring them at the same level of electric potential. Also, Follow Engr Wasim Khan on Google+ EEETBLOG Previous Types of ICs. If you happen to touch the metallic part at that moment you will be zapped. Earthing the live wire is catastrophic. I will recommend you to prefer plate earthing than pipe earthing.

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