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Indeed his education about the world he lives in begins the

day he is born and will continue till he dies. If he is polite others will respond in a

likewise manner. Once he begins to work he learns more each day. This may take some

trial and error on his part before he picks up the social skills needed. He needs to know how to behave

with others, and how to look after himself and his things among other things.

He will constantly deal with new situations and take back lessons.. If he

throws tantrums he will not be liked. The various subjects such as Physics,

Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, Civics, Languages, and so many more are

what we learn in the formal education set up. There are two

types of anonymous education - Formal and Informal. He learns

from his peers in school about socially acceptable behavior. A

child is expected to learn so much even before he steps out of the home to join

a play group. Informal education gives him a set of social skills to last

him a life time. He learns about how to deal with superiors, and juniors besides

handling his own peers. The formal aspect of education is

what most of us think of when the word education is said. He may study a wide

variety of topics in the course of his studies, but he will also learn how to

deal with the opposite sex and establish lasting relationships in the informal

circuit. So what

exactly is education? It is essential a process of learning. There is a lot that a child will learn in the informal set up as well. He will learn to deal with being married and having children, which as

any parent will tell you, is an education in itself.

However education and learning cannot be restricted to this formal aspect

alone. It is now that he will develop his own unique personality.

This is formed in the early years and will not change too much over the years.

As his Continue Reading formal education progresses to college, his informal one makes him more

worldly wise. He

learns about being a good leader and training his own team. These train us in a manner so

that we can contribute back to society by being productive.

Once his formal education begins his informal one also gathers speed. This is the learning

that one acquires in school and college.

We lay huge stress on education in our lives