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The statement called for the true equality for all women. Portugus (Portuguese). ^ "Voice of Feminism's 'Second Wave'". "Rethinking Betty Friedan and The Feminine Mystique: Labor Union Radicalism and Feminism in Cold War America." American Quarterly, Volume 48, Number 1, March 1996, pp. "'The Feminine Mystique,' Reassessed after 50 Years". The Feminine Mystique. Retrieved 2011-02-18. Also in 2013, to celebrate its centennial the U.S.


When the mother lacks a self, Friedan notes, she often tries to live through her children, causing the children to lose their own sense of themselves as separate human beings with their own lives.[9]. Many women dropped out of school early to marry, afraid that if they waited too long or became too educated, they would not be able to attract a husband. Norsk (Norwegian). ^ Addison, Heather; Goodwin-Kelly, Mary Kate; Roth, Elaine (2009). The W.W. ISBN0-674-46885-6. Despite being written during the Civil Rights Movement, Friedan's text "barely mentions African-American women." [29] She has also been criticized for prejudice against homosexuality.[30][31].


"The Sexual Solipsism of Sigmund Freud". "The Myth of the Feminine Mystique" in Myth America: A Historical Anthology, Volume II. W. (Bulgarian). The World Transformed. W.


Dansk (Danish). .. ^ "Betty Friedan Obituary on". Portugus-Brasil (Portuguese-Brazil). Betty Friedan . Retrieved 2011-02-18. 48, No. [24] They received the award from the Illinois State Historical Society.[24]. (Russian).


Association for Women in Mathematics. ^ a b c d e f g h i j "The Feminist Mystique-Simple chapter summaries". Norton & Company ^ "The Baltimore Sun". She notes that Freud saw women as childlike and as destined to be housewives, once pointing out that Freud wrote, "I believe that all reforming action in law and education would break down in front of the fact that, long before the age at which a man can earn a position in society, Nature has determined woman's destiny through beauty, charm, and sweetness. Retrieved 2016-10-05. In 2014 the Betty Friedan Hometown Tribute committee won the Superior Achievement award in the special projects category for its 50th anniversary celebration of the publication of The Feminine Mystique. James, NY. (Greek). See also[edit]. Further reading[edit].

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