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communism and socialism pdf download


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Communism And Socialism Pdf Download



gs than simply being satisfied at a rudimentary material level. No books? How do you think they raised the literacy rate to 100% in the USSR and Cuba? All those scientists building the Soyuz and sending Gagarin in space were working with no books? They were kids and students before, they had to have books. I hope there is still enough decency on this website so my comments wont be erased or ignored by you or others. Also, they tried to distribute food in the affected regions but people died anyway. We have a small plot of land, and we grow our own food. Making the excuse that it was bad leaders but a good idea is vain. I would not work for any companies I thought were even borderline morally questionable like tobacco or defense contractors. Because asking for decent ways of life is so bad& In fact, capitalism was (and still is) a real hell, with 12-hour work days (and more), child labour, dangerous conditions of work, meager salaries etc. (correction about my last post: N Korea is not communist but socialist.


They stopped teaching critical thinking long ago&but it is making a comeback (a real liberal education, not indoctrination). As for the Marxist and Communist thing, I think Julian did and awesome job explaining what it was supposed to be. How do you define exploitation? Give me a specific example in the USA how people en masse are being exploited. According to some sources, they get less than US$5 per day. However the point is it simply your choice that is limited if you are born into a certain circumstance and have limited choices that doesnt make an exciting adventurous life. Previously, they had hoarded food to increase profits during a period of hardships, then the authorities reacted. There is no switch to turn off the Marxist war machine. Freedoms of speech and thought are controversial subjects in socialist countries but I dont think Marx wanted the excesses in those countries. I talked about alienation in the third world, but you replied with exploitation in America. But how did they produce it? On what land? With what equipment? Was the metal, rubber, plastic of this equipment taken from poor countries? Were the fertilizers taken or produced in bad conditions? So many questions we can ask. Stalins attempt to collectivize land resulted in mass starvation in Ukraine. Anyway, the free market is not that sweet. And one of them is greed because no one having sweatshops hiring poor people will ever want to give up their super profits.

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