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See the filepassword.txtabout how to get the password easily out ofbook IIof the Hays Pbn edition (or of any other edition you have available).eukra.zipThe sequence of positions and the numbering is according to the german edition (12 parts). billwall, while trying to open the link, it says "We're sorry. Thanks to Giorgio Chinnici for his littleeuwet.cbvand to Agostino Barrasso for his more comprehensivetdseuwe.cbvcontribution!"Chess Master vs. The result is the present volume. (I don't know whether this collection is complete). Depending on whether or not you command the necessary endgame knowledge, you can spoil hours of planning, or you can enjoy the victory you've spent the whole game earning. It took Euwe originally more than 10 years to finish this project in 12 small volumes. Thanks to Silvio Canto for this nice contribution of annofritzed games!(08/Jan/2001)"Reshevsky's Best Games of Chess"by Samuel Reshevsky. Another nice contribution of Paul Lee Robinson. Barleycorn chess set . (1.e4 a6): 108 Gamesstntn-ca.zipDutch Defense, Staunton Gambit: 423 Gamesswall-ca.zipStonewall Attack: 60 Gamestango-ca.zipKnights' Tango: 100 Gamestorre-ca.zipTorre Attack: 1736 Gamestrax-ca.zip2 Knights Def., Traxler (Wilkes-Barre) Var.: 273 Gamestromp-ca.zipTrompowsky Attack: 3368 Gamesurusovca.zipUrusov Gambit; by Max Burkett, et alia : URUSOV.TXT : abiography of Sergei Urusov and other data, C24UR (CA) : ahigh quality collection of Urusov gambits, C24PC (CA) : acollection of Urusov Gambits involving PCs, GALBERG.PGN: atheoretical article by Soren Galberg-Lund.veres-ca.zipVeresov (Richter) var. This single volume covers all chess openings in detail and will enable every chess-player, right up to grandmaster standard, to play the opening with confidence. Two Minor Pieces San Luis 2005 2nd edition Soviet Chess Strategy Soviet Middlegame Technique Tactimania The Benko Gambit The Berlin Wall The Cutting Edge 1 - The Open Sicilian 1 The Cutting Edge 2 - Sicilian Najdorf 6.Be3 The King's Gambit The Modern Tiger The Secret Life of Bad Bishops The Soviet Chess Primer The Sveshnikov Reloaded True Lies in Chess Understanding Chess Tactics . Grossmeister-Repertoire 5 (GERMAN). Beating the Open Games. Misc. I am not familiar how RapidShare works, but there seems to be lots of chess books there. The files are available in ChessBase format (.cbv) and in .pgn format. Today this book is available in a nice 2-volume algebraic figurine edition with main author Kramer, published by Hays Publications. PDF. If the publisher doesn't permit even sharing those, the files require a password that you can obtain if you have the book. Marble Chess Set on an inlaid Granite Board . At you can findThe Middlegame: Book IandThe Middlegame: Book II. Lotus Bud Chess Set . This excellent book was published by "Das Schacharchiv" (K. (4.g3): 280 Gamesoldindca.zipOld Indian Defense: 4360 Gamespetrf-ca.zipPetroff Defense: 2919 Gamesphil-ca.zipPhilador's Defense: 2315 Gamespirc-ca.zipPirc Defense: 12,049 Gamespircpyca.zipPirc Defense, Ufimtsev-Pytel var.: 929 Gamespolishca.zipPolish Def. 2 GM Repertoire 5 - The English Opening vol. will call theseCaro-Kann with f4.neooi-ca.zipNeo-Old Indian System: 2368 Games (1.d4 d6 2.c4 e5 &1.d4 d6 2.Nf3 Bg4)ni3kt-ca.zipNimzo-Indian Def., 3 Knights var. Despus de nuevas victorias para ambos el resultado es de 4-3 a favor de Alekhine. Watson)Play the French (John L.

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