Childrens Christian Necklace Yellow Gold

Childrens Pendant White Gold is a tiny firm located in Exeter, NH (USA) with an unique line of precious jewelry that was influenced by the gifts of the three Magi: Gold, Frankincense and also Incense. The fashion jewelry has been created to serve you as a Christian in commemorating your confidence in Christianity.

The individuals at Elegantria have invested over a years developing these new stones composed of these special presents - Frankincense, which is a soft yellow, as well as Incense, a fiery red. Both Incense and also Myrrh are material essences from the Middle East region. Resin is the base product where the gemstone Brownish-yellow has actually been normally produced. Elegantria has created our own experience to change both Incense as well as Incense right into Amber-like gems.

This exclusive developing experience brings to life a new rock, consisting of resin from either Incense or Myrrh, combined with Baltic amber.

These brand-new rocks have actually been 'christened' with their very own names: Frankinber and also Myrrber, thus approving Elegantria special civil liberties to these gems for its line of valuable jewelry.