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The Second Vatican Council opened a little more than a year after Mater et magistra was promulgated. Even more powerful are efforts to provide the shsat practice test pdf 2015 download of those nations with the necessary resources and training to implement modern methods and speed up development.[25] This work should be done with respect for the local cultures and in a disinterested way, without the aim of imposing ones own culture or gaining political control.[26]. A trend of people moving away from farms toward cities was partly due to economic growth, but also reflected depression in the occupation of farming and inadequate standards of living in rural areas.[14] The Pope urged that measures be taken to restore balance between the agricultural sector and industry, as well as development of better facilities and services in rural areas so that agricultural living standards approximate as closely as possible those enjoyed by city dwellers.[15]. .. Mater et magistra frequently explains the common good as a desirable balance between different elements of the society or the economy. Common good seen as balance[edit]. Charity, not self-interest, should be the supreme criterion in economic matters. Contents 1 Context 2 Review of previous teaching 3 Clarifications and new aspects 3.1 Common good seen as balance 3.2 Special concern for agriculture 3.3 International assistance 4 See also 5 References 6 Notes 7 External links . It is the responsibility of humankind to create a national and international order that promotes social justice, in which all economic activity can be conducted not merely for private gain but also in the interests of the common good.[8] . ^ Mater et magistra, 47 ^ Mater et magistra, 48 ^ Mater et magistra, 49 ^ Mater et magistra, 15 ^ Mater et magistra, 26 ^ Mater et magistra, 9 - Pope John gave no further details. Mater et magistra is the encyclical written by Pope John XXIII on the programming perl 4th edition pdf download of "Christianity and Social Progress". External links[edit]. Mater et Magistra (Latin: Mother and Teacher) Encyclical letter of Pope John XXIII Princeps pastorum Aeterna Dei sapientia Date 15 May 1961 Argument On the increasing development of social issues in the light of the Christian doctrine Encyclical number 5 of 8 of the pontificate Text in Latin in English . Text of the encyclical Mater et Magistra, TIME magazine, 1969. The document mentions the following changes in the world since then:. Teacher Yes, Mother No, TIME, 1961. Scientific advances including atomic energy, synthetic materials, increased automation, modern agriculture, new means of communication (radio and television), faster transportation, the beginnings of space travel.[1] New social systems such as social security, improved basic education, breaking down of class barriers, and greater awareness of public affairs by the average person. References[edit]. Mater et magistra addresses the needs of countries that were not industrialized.[24] Pope John commends wealthier nations that give assistance to poorer nations. Authority control GND: 4228635-9 . .the solidarity of the human race and Christian brotherhood demand the elimination as far as possible of these discrepancies.[23].