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Sappleton finally appears, she explains why the window is open, apparently confirming Veras story. This is a lie, of course, but Mr. Vera tells him that her uncle and his brothers-in-law drowned in a bog three years before and that her aunt leaves the French window open because she believes they will one day return. There really isn't anything physically wrong with Nuttel. Privately he doubted more than ever whether these formal visits on a succession of total strangers would do much towards helping the nerve cure which he was supposed to be undergoing. Do you know, sometimes on still, quiet evenings like this, I almost get a creepy feeling that they will all walk in through that window - " She broke off with a little shudder. A frame story, the ironic "The Open Window" is dependent upon its main character, Vera, for its development.


Start Free Trial The Open Window Homework Help Questions Which characters in "TheOpen Window"are static/flat and which are round/dynamic?All the. It was certainly an unfortunate coincidence that he should have paid his visit on this tragic anniversary. Nuttel had once been frightened by a pack of pariah dogs in a cemetery on the banks of the Ganges and apparently had bolted at the sight of the spaniel accompanying the hunters. When the men walk toward the house, Mr. A girl is more convincing because girls generally appear to be better behaved, although they may harbor all sorts of mischievous thoughts. Mrs.


H. Enough to make anyone lose their nerve." Romance at short notice was her speciality. "Here we are, my dear," said the bearer of the white mackintosh, coming in through the window, "fairly muddy, but most of it's dry. A cyclist coming along the road had to run into the hedge to avoid imminent collision. Munro) was born in 1870 and died in 1916. In the closing paragraphs, the issue is clarified.

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