The driver escort LED website traffic guidance display high-quality brand recommended

LED targeted visitors guidance display is an crucial component of intelligent transportation techniques, the manufacturing firms demanding. In this location, the domestic item Tetra technologies features a substantial track record in similar goods. Internationally, the European and Japanese suppliers make out outdoor huge display display using LED site visitors share is comparatively large. Xiao Bian right now to introduce you to LED visitors advice screen And that is improved to suit your needs to propose some high-quality LED visitors guidance screen brand.

 LED targeted traffic advice display Which Dicolor(Agape)

 Shenzhen Dicolor initiate the advancement of engineering for that advancement on the company's guiding principle will be the just one by Germany and the European EN12966 EMC specifications laboratory certified LED show enterprises. Dicolor wireless remedies within the field of targeted traffic data, targeted traffic guidance information and facts outdoor LED show merchandise are actually really mature, is launching a brand new solution --- LED show LED visitors targeted visitors velocity display.

 European countries for the high-quality from the website traffic show is extremely higher, all access to your EU countries as well as Norway and Switzerland street visitors LED display indicates the market need to meet the prerequisites of EN12966 specifications. Shenzhen Dicolor Co., Ltd. as an emerging LED display enterprises, promote exploration and development of technologies for the advancement of the company's guiding principle, the business aspires to turn into the industry's strongest R & D firm, has been successfully exported LED display items to more than 90 worldwide countries and regions. 2009, Dicolor lead into the "EN12966" door, the success of your LED show traffic information into the European industry, the current road targeted traffic display merchandise (VMS) are already exported, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey and other nations and regions, related exports amounted to $ 5,000,000, since then, Shenzhen enterprises Dicolor start eating cake European Road Transport display.
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