How Can Al Gore And Politicians Convince Americans To Accept Global Warming Legislation?

Jesus said earthquakes would be happening in different places. During the last century, earthquakes have been occurring a lot and with more intensity. The China earthquake in 2008, which took the lives of over a hundred thousand people was in the news around the world for days. However, from 1890 to 1900, there was only one significant earthquake in the entire world!

But Christianity no longer teaches this. The Christian church no longer teaches that non-Christians will go to hell automatically, either. Not as a church-but there are plenty of preachers and denominations who will gladly tell you that you'd better get aboard the Heavenly Express (which has their name on it).

On the other hand, if we - despite all the warning signs - don't do anything to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. And this leads to an environmental catastrophe on a global scale, then we will really have outdone ourselves in the art of arrogance.

Should the world be concerned about Greenland's melting glaciers? Perhaps the world should be more concerned with where we are on God's time table. Take a look at what's happening in the world like the wars and the earthquake in China and the Myanmar cyclone that hit within weeks of each other, killing more than 100,000 people. Christians have known these things were coming for years.

There is a psychological, Freudian concept of the displaced clergyman. People who crusade about the environment or atheism or politics are, in Freudian terms, displaced preachers who have dedicated themselves to a non-religious Gospel. Well, go ahead and preach it. If you can motivate people over california climate change, more power to you. We need it desperately.

Without questions, one of the best moves a person can make to have a major impact on the environment is to purchase a condo or townhome in an urban setting. If everyone in the US lived in this way, we could cut carbon emissions by 1B metric tons or more. That is about what Italy and the UK generate as a whole combined.

At times when scientists declare that we have only five years to revamp our energy sources or face major consequence, efforts like using reusable bottles or bringing your own canvass bag to the store can feel like passing gas against the hurricane in order to stop it. It seems utterly futile to fight basic human ignorance so why bother; it's all going to hell anyways, isn't it?

Always remember that you are a cell of this planet. We often forget that the ecosystem is a living "organism." Every bit that we do matters and not matter how trivial they may seem, our individual actions are part of the big web that have tiny ripple effects.

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